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Watch our video to hear from Golden Rule Charity organizers and volunteers as to why getting involved is so important to them and the impact made on the life of a grant recipient.

Golden Rule Charity

Helping People in the Hospitality Industry is Our Passion.

When disasters of all kinds strike, the hospitality industry shows up in full force to support their local communities — generously donating everything from food to venue space to their event expertise in order to raise funds and provide for the needs of those afflicted. However, these champions of their communities — restaurants, bars, hotels and wineries — are not immune from tragedies that impact their ability to operate at full capacity.

Golden Rule Charity is passionate about delivering resources to get these employees back up and running when faced by an unexpected hardship.

Founded as a National 501(c)(3) in 2015, Golden Rule Charity is inspired by founder and hospitality industry native, Judy Walker.  At inception, it was the only organization providing timely relief to hospitality companies and employees in need, with a nationwide reach. Since this time, we’ve granted more than $200,000 in funds which have directly gone toward scores of individuals in need.

Do you know someone in the hospitality industry that has recently fallen on hard times? Are you a manager or owner that needs help planning an event to raise funds for your employee?

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Judy Walker Golden Rule Charity

The Judy Walker Legacy Campaign

The Judy Walker Legacy Campaign provides new support opportunities for hospitality industry employees living and working in Orange County, California. Grants from Golden Rule Charity support housing, transportation, and medical expenses for workers in the hospitality industry facing financial hardship in times of crisis.

This campaign, named after our beloved founder, is made possible by a generous grant from the Sun Family Foundation, a private charitable foundation launched more than 40 years ago, whose mission is to advance educational opportunities and the well-being of the underserved in Orange County.

The formation of the Judy Walker Legacy Campaign continues Judy’s work and her understanding of the adversities that many in the industry face first-hand. After a decades-long career in the hospitality industry and years of doing work to help servers, bartenders, hotel and kitchen staff facing unexpected financial difficulties, Walker was diagnosed with cancer and continued to lead the organization for nearly two more years before her passing in early 2020.

Golden Rule Charity’s mission and work continues today through a dedicated team, Board of Directors, and industry partners.

While Golden Rule Charity will always work to support applicants nationwide from within the hospitality industry, this new program adds an additional layer of help to the region where Judy launched the organization and her dream.


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