Why Give? 

The restaurant industry touches us all.

Restaurants are a driving force in California’s economy. They provide jobs and build careers for thousands of people, and play a vital role in local communities throughout the state.

Nearly one in 10 American workers is employed in the restaurant industry, millions of them on track for success in the industry thanks to widespread training and career growth opportunities.

 Restaurant-industry employment is now 14.4 million employees strong, and expected to increase to 16.1 million by 2026. One in three adults in America got their first job experience in a restaurant.

The impact of our industry’s vitality extends far beyond our own restaurants’ walls. Restaurant sales generate tax dollars for local communities, and our huge number of employees — 14.4 million — translates into healthy contributions to state and federal tax revenues. What’s more, for every dollar spent in restaurants, an additional $2 is generated in sales for other industries, generating even more tax dollars and economic activity. — Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO, National Restaurant Association.

Give back to the industry that has given so much. 

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