At Golden Rule Charity, we have a passion for the hospitality industry and the people behind it. Whether it be a chef, a server or folks behind the scenes, it takes a group of hard-working, dedicated individuals to keep restaurants, bars, hotels, and wineries operating at their full capacity.

We are a National 501 c3 charitable organization inspired by the hard-working restaurant employees who may find themselves in need of an emergency crisis grant such as medical, food, shelter and transportation. Because we know even the little things can be overwhelming, Golden Rule Charity will also grant small joyful grants. A prom dress for that special young lady, Thanksgiving dinner for a family who would otherwise go without, a CubScout uniform so that every child has the opportunity to be included.

Do you know someone in the industry that has recently fallen on hard times? Are you a manager or owner that needs help planning an event to raise funds for your employee?

Call Golden Rule Charity (949.310.5839) and we'll help you plan and execute an exciting, well-produced fundraiser! 

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