About  Us

Golden Rule Charity is a nonprofit based in Southern California inspired by the hard working restaurant employees who may find themselves in need of an emergency crisis grant such as medical, food, shelter and transportation. Because we know that even the little things can be overwhelming, Golden Rule Charity will also grant joyful grants. A prom dress for that special young lady, Thanksgiving dinner for a family who would otherwise go without, a cub scout uniform so that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

We believe that by helping these restaurant employees we will in turn assist restaurateurs by:

•   Increasing customer and employee loyalty
•   Decrease in turnover/increase in retention
•   Increase in productivity

Judy Walker. Founder 

The restaurant industry has been my home for three decades and I am grateful for all of the amazing chefs, servers, cooks, vendors and more who have supported me in my charitable passions. Now I want to give back to them.

 Our extended restaurant community is truly a family and one that supports causes like no other. Golden Rule Charity was created to recognize that giving spirit and give our community an outlet to give to each other.

At Golden Rule Charity, we have a passion for the hospitality industry and the people behind it. Whether it be a chef, a server or folks behind the scenes, it takes a group of hard working, dedicated individuals to keep restaurants operating at their full capacity.

Golden Rule Charity will ensure your favorite employee (the server that remembers your anniversary, the chef who creates your birthday cake every year) that if fallen on hard times will receive financial support from caring people like you.

We hope you'll join us.



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